Cartier was founded in 1847 by a jeweler, Louis – Francois Cartier in Paris. The first wrist watch was developed in 1904 which he named Santos after his friend, the Brazilian aviation pioneer, Alberto Santos - Dumont. That was the cornerstone of Cartier watches; from 1912 the watch could also be acquired as merchandise. The designers, Gerald Genta build the line – Pasha. Other models are Must, Santos and Tank. In 1917 “Tank” came into being, inspired by a spectacular huge British World War II battle tank design with its massive horns. Typically for the Cartier jewelry it comes in many panther variations (Collection: Panthere de Cartier) with almost its eyes always made of emeralds. The dark marks of the skin design are made from Onyx or sapphires. The Cartier Foundation is an important art foundation for the contemporary art. The Architect of the modern building is Jean Nouvel. Cartier is well known as a great manufacturer of luxury goods. Likewise is jewelry an important part of Cartier product assortment such as wrist watches. However, by far, these fulfill more than the purpose of pure time display. It is a stylish accessory that can match the demeanor of the wearer. Cartier watches appeals particularly to wealthy ladies who regard a watch from Cartier as a symbol of status.