The firm was created in 1884 by Léon Breitling (1860-1914) in Saint-Imier in the Jura. In 1892 she is moved after La Chaux de funds. In 1914 gas sound Breitling lines up as a successor of his father. In 1915 the "chronograph Bracelet" of the house Breitling with central chronograph pointer and a counter becomes for 30 minutes entwikelt. The development of the chronograph becomes a main point of the house Breitling. In 1923 the introduction of the first independent chronograph printer already follows. Then in 1934 follows already the second independent chronograph printer which makes possible the transfer to reserve on zero. Today this configuration is a world-wide standard. Since 1936 Breitling supplies the royal Airforce with clocks for aeroplanes. In 1942 entwikelt Breitling introduce the model Chronomat a chronograph with slide rule, the big reminiscence to the American armed forces findetdiesen officially. Breitling has developed the Navitimer in 1952. This airman's chronograph is an advancement of the Chronomaten, a still more complex steady rest which allows to go more complicated calculations approximately like fuel consumption, steep path or Sinkflugraten, average speeds u.ä. surely quickly from the hand. This model is built from 1969 with automatic lift and today is with still with other complications (Eternal calendars, chronograph Rattrapante etc) in the offer. Today these are Bentley 6.75, GMT, engine. To the 125-year anniversary in 2009 Breitling presents the model B01 an integrated contrived Inhouse-chronograph work. Also this work IS COSC-CERTIFICATED.