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Blancpain is a tradition since 1735. There is no contradiction in the description of Blancpain when innovation and tradition are its keywords. Both are closely linked and they form a single basic foundation of Blancpain philosophy. Like the construction of roads, all the building parts are carefully worked, decorated and well finished, so has the watchmaker’s art tradition. Without forgetting its roots in Vallee de Joux, the Blancpain manufacturer transferred the design, the complications and the watchmaking ability of the previous years into the modern and the mechanical watch maker’s art perfection which had not been previously attained. Since 1735, when Jehan Jacques Blancpain founded his factory in Villeret in the Swiss Jura, it has conformed to the founder’s spirit and the striving for perfection to have the watchmaker’s brand to be of lively creations that are of outstanding quality. With the abundance of their ideas, the coined the history of watch making. The philosophy of Blancpain results from a deep felt respect for supreme watchmaker’s art is again confirmed by nearly 275 years of research and development. Blancpain is well known as a manufacturer of one of the most complicated wrist watches. It refers to the “Blancpain 1735” which includes Tourbillon, minute repetition, a perpetual calendar and second split among others. The watch is manufactured in a limited edition of 30 pieces with an annual production of only one piece being manufactured. In the year 1953 Blancpain, on behalf of the French military, developed a mechanical diving watch with one sided adjustable bezel for the combat swimmers unit, “Les Nageurs de Combat” which could be able show a diving duration. This automatic watch got its name on the basis of its density of the water pressure of up to a depth of 50 Fathoms (1 Fathom = 1,829 m): The Blancpain Fifty Fathoms. In the course of time, it has developed itself into one of the most reliable watches and the most used most used diving watches. Among others Jacques – Yves Cousteau was seen with this watch in his under the water film “Le Monde du Silence”. Until today, it is not clearly understood, whether the Fifty Fathoms or the legendary Rolex Submariner was the first watch to be deployed under the water with an adjustable bezel.