Zenith was founded in the year 1865 on the initiative of Georges Favre-Jacot as “Fabrique des Billodes”. In the year 1911 the enterprise was converted into a limited company. The name Zenith refers back to the following incident: One evening, Georges Favre Jacot had just developed a clockwork mechanism which seemed more perfect to him than all the previous ones. As he looked up at the clear night sky, these celestial mechanisms appeared to him like the play of the wheels and cones of the clockwork and he decided to name his new movement and its manufacture after the highest point on the Universe: Zenith. He therefore chose a five star as a company logo. On 10th January of the year 1969, after two years of development, Zenith introduced the first automatic stop watch El Primero with 36000 half oscillations per hour and thereby won the prestigious race over the companies such as Breitling and Hamilton-Büren. „The El Primero “is today considered as the most popular work of its class; it is comparable to the works of Lemania 5100 and Valjoux 7750 of ETA due to its high frequency of 36 ' 000 half oscillations per hour (corresponding to 5 cycle per second, usually 21600 and 28800 half oscillations per hour, thus 3 or 4 cycles per second) and its superior high production quality. In 1994, elite, the extra-flat automatic mechanism was introduced; it underlined the status of the brand as one of the few genuine watch makers. Since 1999, Zenith together with the Brands, TAG Heuer and Chaumet belonged to the French LVMH group.

Class open. The Class offers a collection of watches for those who look for subtle sophistication and discrete luxury; they distinguish themselves through a pure and very essential style. This year, the collection will be extended so as to become a model with completely new perspectives. Quite classic and, nevertheless deeply rooted to the present time with a new particularly efficient mechanism. There are different décor options of the Class Open, all characterized by the elegance that made Zenith to be a Trademark.