Rolex is the timeless quality and style with a great tradition of the watchmaker’s art in a quality that leaves nothing to be desired; - there are no reasons not to wear a Rolex. What distinguishes a Rolex from the rest is the successful combination of high-level technology and genuine philosophy. The Pioneer spirit, strive for perfection –were the characteristics which the founder of Rolex, Hans Wildorf had, and which have existed into our time. Supreme watch making perfection as philosophy, this is the reason, why with a Rolex, you wear more than a wrist-watch.

The submariner is the classic model ever. When one thinks about Rolex, usually what comes to one’s mind is the submariner or also Sea dweller Model. At the end of 1967, Rolex makes the first Sea dweller available for the general public as reference 1665. This watch uses the 1575 caliber and possesses the new trip lock crown as well a thicker glass and a larger, stronger housing. The maximum submerged depth rose impressively from from 1665 to 2000 feet (610 metres). Now on the depth display, it is inscribed in red: SEA – DWELLER SUBMARINER 2000: the Sea – Dweller is born. During the mid seventies logo SEA DWELLER was changed to white and the imprint SUBMARINER 2000 disappeared from its face. From this time, the watch remained practically unchanged until 1981 when its manufacturing line was stopped. Later the model 16660 was replaced with the current model 16600 – the only changes now are the white gold index marks on the face. In April 2008 at the Baselword fair, Rolex unveiled a new Sea Dweller which had an additional “Deep Sea” and the reference number as 116600. This is just not a simple face lift, but a completely new development. With the term “Deep Sea”, Rolex has a 3900m /12,800ft new water resistance. To allow for this depth, a larger solid glass and base housing was developed. Through a special development from Rolex that was named “Ring Lock System”, it is still possible to keep material thickness within the acceptable parameters, so that the watch can also be worn in everyday's life. The base casing is also made of extremely resistant titanium alloy. A new further innovation is the new latch named Glide lock which makes it possible a fine adjustment length of the armband from 1.8 mm up to 18mm, without the watch removed from the wrist. In the course of the year 2008, the 116600 replaced the “old” Sea Dweller which is then adjusted.